UV Boxwood Hedge for Drought Weary California

UV boxwood hedge is a water wise product during the 2014 drought. A severe drought in the state of California shows no sign of ending. Spring has sprung which means the very dry season is approaching. The winter has been one of the driest in the state’s history. People are looking for ways to save water and new methods of landscaping are one of the ways to save water. UV rated artificial boxwood hedge, bushes, and other artificial plant products are water wise and look real.

The sun beats down on the parched earth of California and plants are withering and dying. Water is at a premium. Although water restrictions are not in full effect, there is little doubt that by the end of summer they will be. Lawn watering may be a thing of the past in California, a luxury we can no longer afford. Many communities in California are already offering rebates as incentives for residents to replace their sod lawns with more water wise options.

Many people are switching their yards to California native succulents and combining that with artificial hedge and plants. UV rated artificial boxwood hedge is being used to cover block walls and even the sides of homes and large estate walls. People have always loved large hedges, but those fantastic real hedges require a lot of water and maintenance. Artificial hedges require no water and no trimming.

UV rated artificial boxwood hedges will not fade in the sun and will not be affected by a drought or water restrictions. There may have been a negative stigma attached to artificial plants in the past, but not anymore. Top designers all over the country are adding artificial plants into their exterior landscaping and interiors. This includes retail stores, restaurants, and office buildings.

Geranium Street Floral is blazing the modern landscaping design trail all over the state of California. They have recently done large artificial hedge projects in the San FranciscoBay area, and in San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and even in Las Vegas. Later this month, Bob smith, president of Geranium Street will travel to China to seek out the best new artificial plant products.


Green Walls: Coming to A Building Near You

You may have been at a bank, an office building, a hotel, or restaurant lately and noticed green walls. A green wall, also known as a living wall, or vertical garden is an interior or exterior building design utilizing live plants. Green walls are becoming more and more popular and are implemented into designs all over the world.

Green walls generate a lot of interest and are an actual draw as people come just to see them. There is a definite curiosity factor as the living walls generate publicity in local newspapers and online. Some restaurants for instance, are growing their own herbs and vegetables on the interior walls of their locations.

A whole new industry has sprung up in large cities to create and maintain green walls. Some of these vertical gardens require special soil tiles and methods of irrigation. Some of the vertical gardens require constant attention and trimming. Just like any garden, they require tending.

Just as natural green walls are becoming popular, artificial green walls are also in vogue. Artificial boxwood hedge walls are being implemented into high end designs of hotels, restaurants, office buildings, and retail spaces. Interior designers are also putting artificial green walls into private residences.

Projected Skyfarm in Toronto

Projected Skyfarm in Toronto

Geranium Street Floral is working closely with designers and architects to create new artificial boxwood hedge wall designs. They have created a new phenomenon called the hybrid living wall. The hybrid living wall combines artificial foliage with live plants and rocks. The hybrid living wall uses California succulents which are easy to raise and maintain.  

Hybrid Living Walls Offer an Alternative to Expensive Living Walls

Living walls are the newest thing among designers nationwide. Living walls are showing up in the lobbies of commercial buildings, in plazas, in hotels, and high end restaurants. Unfortunately, they are very expensive to create and maintain. For this reason, Geranium Street Floral has created the Hybrid Living Wall.

The Hybrid Living Wall uses artificial boxwood hedge as its base material, and then has real rocks attached with live California succulents attached. The result is a something similar to a living wall, but is far less expensive to build and maintain. The hybrid living wall looks so real that many people may not be able to tell it is partially artificial.

Authentic living walls are often works of art that take thousands of hours to create. Like works of art, these living walls cost thousands and thousands of dollars. A whole industry is starting up around this. Real living walls also have complex watering systems built into them that require constant maintenance. In addition, trained people have to trim and nurture the plants.

Geranium Street has created artificial hedge walls for hotels, office buildings, restaurants, and private residences. They also sell a variety of artificial plants from artificial bamboo, artificial ivy, and artificial boxwood bushes and topiaries. They are now combining real California rocks and succulent plants to their artificial plants.

Hybrid living wall

Hybrid living wall

California succulent plants thrive in the semi arid tropical savannah climate of Southern California, and require little water. They are perfect for the hybrid living wall, and add a touch of color and life to the artificial hedge wall. Geranium Street will custom build a hybrid living wall for any commercial or residential space. Call today for an estimate.        

Hybrid Living Walls Offer Something Unique

Hybrid living walls are becoming popular and cutting edge in the world of interior and exterior design where there is nothing new under the sun. Hybrid living walls are walls that are designed with a mixture of live plants and artificial plants. Some of the designs could be described as minimalist, while others are quite over the top.

Driving around a modern city like San Diego, people may be surprised what is real and what isn’t when it comes to plants. Walking the parking lot of a huge retailer for instance, I was surprised to notice that the large bamboo plants in front of the store were actually artificial. While it is not hard to tell upon closer inspection that the bamboo is fake, it is almost impossible to tell as you are casually walking or driving by.

In the lobby of another commercial office building somewhere in San Diego is an elaborate living wall, made completely of live plants. This wall requires much care and maintenance, but it is an attention getter for sure. Not far away, in another lobby sit large artificial hedge panels, next to large potted fichus plants. Designers are mixing beautiful live plants with low maintenance, practical artificial plants.  

Succulents are native to the sandy tropical savannah climate of the California coastline. Designers are making living wall creations with succulents that are quite aesthetically pleasing. Succulents are perfect for living walls because they require little water, or trimming. They just kind of exist in the moist sea air. 

Real living wall

Real living wall

Artificial boxwood hedge wall

Artificial boxwood hedge wall

Artificial plant manufacturers are creating some fantastic new artificial plants that are so realistic that they have people shaking their heads. The good news is that these incredible looking artificial plants don’t cost a fortune like the good ones did in the past. Green seems to be in and here to stay, and hybrid plantscaping seems to be the newest industry rising up to meet the curiosity and demand.          

Live Plants Being Replaced by Artificial Bamboo

Outdoor Artificial Bamboo Superseding Live Foliage

Outdoor artificial bamboo adds a convincingly realistic appeal to any outdoor environment. Artificial bamboo provides an enchanting and optimum alternative to any live foliage, subsequently adorning any building with a friendly and inviting allure. This artificial plant can improve  any type of landscape by beautifying an otherwise bland and boring environment. Read More…